We are Live!!!

Yes we know we have been silent for a long time but we’ve been busy bees. We re-did this site as you can see, so it is now nice clean and accessible, but that’s not all… We’ve finally put up all of Trivia Obscura’s social media channels up.

Firstly you can get all the deliciously dark trivia that you’re so fond of, through our tumblr icon. Aptly titled “do you know darkness?” it will cater to all your needs. Or even join our grand facebook group… We need your help, so go on start posting away facebook group icon.

Then you can get to our game facebook page facebook icon black. Oh I almost forgot we have a nice and scroll-a-licious one page site for Trivia Obscura here… and if you into tweeting nadanull will be doing that twitter icon.

Oh we also have an office now…yes we managed to piece the desk together. Still missing a few light bulbs though…..

zombie fight or flight

Third Backing Weekend: Results and thoughts!

With 59 votes Zombie Fight or Flight is the big winner of our third Backing Weekend.

zombie fight or flight

The process:

This week we promoted the poll only to our facebook page and to the STARTUP Board & Card Design facebook group. We also tweeted @nadanull_games a few times about the process.

We notified all creators (again we knew no one in person, neither did they know about the voting).

The poll had an immediate reaction, as the winning game got over 20 votes in the very first hours.

The thoughts:

Again we can’t overstate how important a role social media play when running a crowdfunding campaign: Even if you think that you have planned every possibility and every aspect of the process, maybe a stranger shows up out of nowhere and puts your game in a poll! Being alert is crucial in supporting your work in every possible channel.

Thanks to all participants and to our growing audience. We wish the best to all four wonderful projects towards their funding goal.

See you next backing weekend! 😉

Twitter logo

A descent list of Twitter resources

Today I will share another useful list of recourses; this time Twitter. To make things easier, well, just visit our twitter account (@nadanull_games) and check out the people that we follow. Up to now there are about 540 people of the wider gaming industry; a mixture of all game related things: Game reviewers, magazines, podcasts, publishers, crowdfunding recourses, heavy gamers etc, all updated and active up to now. You may have to dig a bit to find what you are looking for, but we try to keep our list clean and professional, without adding any personal friends and followers. Again I have to say that I tend to exclude heavy RPGs from my researches (not my thing)…Twitter logo

In Addition, check out this topic on BGG,

also this one about gamers to follow,

and this Reddit post.

And of course, try the #boardgames hastag on twitter.

Hope this helped 😉

social media icons

Social Media Decoration Day

I decided to spend the day in decorating our Twitter account, Facebook page, our Blog and the rest SM.

I could really use some help with social media handling because there are SO many things that need to be arranged and I tend to forget a lot lately, but communication is something that has to be personal and direct…

social media icons