Spend some $€£, buy some love?

I grew up with the standard women – targeted consumer philosophy: You can have anything your heart desires, if you can afford to buy it. If you want a perfect body, you can buy the right products (or the right procedures) in order to get it. Or, you can buy a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes that will make you look taller and slimmer. If are not feeling beautiful enough, you can buy a new lipstick, a new dress, a chocolate cake, a new pair of high heel shoes, and you will feel great again. If you feel sad, you can buy well, chocolate and shoes again and you will be happy as a clam!

I do understand that buying new shoes and chocolate is not the ultimate answer to everything especially if you want to publish a board game, but when a friend of mine threw it on the table, my woman’s over consuming brain instantly bit the hook: “You can always buy facebook likes and twitter followers for your page”!

The idea sounds fantastic at first glance! A google search comes up with amazing prices, something like 15$ for 1,000 likes or followers, which is a great deal of course. I am very skeptical when invited to like pages that have less than…don’t know, 180 likes I think…pages with less than 100 likes do not exist in my eyes, something must be wrong with them.… Buying the first 1,000 likes sounds great because it will give my page the initial boost it needs to come to full blown existence! After that it will be easy, people are more likely to trust a page that 1,000 people have already trusted! So, buying the first 1,000 likes is the first step towards building a colossal empire of facebook likes and becoming the female version of Richard Branson….Right?

Well not quite. Firstly after a closer look, you can see that buying followers on twitter is forbidden (check here & here).

purple eggs
zombie twitter followers often look like this in a profile…

Secondly, bots, zombies and fake accounts are very easily detected. And they are kind of funny if you observe them really close. And yes, twitter suspends them frequently. The idea of having a twitter account with fake followers makes me feel embarrassed as I think it leads directly to a complete loss of integrity and reputation in my real audiences’ eyes.  In addition, having an inactive, fake audience gives your page no engagement at all: So what is the deal? Fake followers are not, neither will ever be, your audience. It is a total waste of time, money and integrity. Again, I will give you my verdict as an overconsuming woman, addicted to chocolate and shopping that I am: buying fake followers is like wearing a fake pair of Louboutins: It simply sucks!

Building and audience through communication and supporting community equals to building trust for your brand.

fake accounts, spam profiles & likebots often share the same profile pictures…

Building an audience is addictive: First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my nadanull profile. I check in to my personal profile once – twice per day now, cause I really find more interest in my professional one and I love snuffing around with my new *friends*. I kind of know all of them personally now. I know their tastes, their favorite movies, their cats’ names. I visit profiles; I have real interactions, I unfriend people that I don’t like their attitude or posts (offensive sex & drug abuse is a guaranteed delete from my side).

Building a social profile is also schizophrenic: My nadanull profile (created about a month ago) is real, with real pictures of myself, my kitchen table, my cat. I also provide real information: my name, my studies, my work, my universities. I post my favorite songs every day, I post about things that I like; I have real conversations with all these strange new people. I have around 1,000 friends, a number rapidly growing every day. On the other hand, I have my personal profile, the one I use to connect with real people of my real life, which I only know in person. I have this profile for about 7 years. I only have 120 friends. I provide no information about me, nothing at all, I have a blurry profile picture of myself, and, I am there under an alias, cause I do not feel comfortable posting information about myself on social media! Weird, h?

Yes. I do invite people to like my page, especially if they invite me to like theirs too. But I reward them for this precious, unique and organic like by posting interesting and relevant content (something Dark and something Geeky) and, most importantly, by not spamming. I promise that I will offer you something really cool soon, have a little patience..!

Thank you all for your support! <3


facebook icon

A Descent List of Facebook Resources!

Unfortunately, weekend was short and now is over and I am back to work… 🙁 Anyway, as promised, I am publishing a small but descent and up – to – date list of facebook groups (board game development & design / Kickstarter pages) to join. If you are into Ameritrash or RPG’s you may find this list a bit incomplete (Keep in mind that I tend to exclude these categories from my researches).  Also note that most of these groups are “clean” so you may have to personally contact the admins in order to prove that you have an actual thing to offer to the community (even if it just the 1$ pledge) and that you are not a bot, a spammer or just advertising your KS…  Hope it helps! (Make sure you don’t forget to check this James Mathe blogpost)


Boardgame Geek

https://www.facebook.com/groups/132851767828/ (31,091 members)

The site is updated on a real-time basis by its large and still growing user base, making the ‘Geek the largest and most up-to-date place to get gaming information! There are reviews, ratings, images, play-aids, translations, and session reports from board game geeks across the world, as well as live discussion forums. In addition, every day nearly a hundred game trades pass through the hands of registered members, as well as transactions in the marketplace. Posts about board games are ok, be it people talking about a game they played or created. If you are posting a Kickstarter or other crowd-funding announcement – please limit this to a single post. Please do not post countdowns, or other types of updates.


https://www.facebook.com/groups/theboardgamegroup/?ref=group_browse_new (14,779 members)

This is a group of people who shares the same interest in board games and tabletop gaming . Oh and when you ask to join or are added, turn off email notifications and FB notifications or else you may get flooded due to post in the group.Other than that, this is a board game community where you can feel free to post as many table top game pictures, related videos, product pages, big events etc in here. Just keep it about board gaming or tabletop gaming . If a post is decided by myself or admins that it isn’t about board game related or tabletop gaming topics, it’ll get deleted. But no harm no foul, it’s just one post out of many, you can post something else if one of your posts gets deleted. Anyway, bottom line is, everything board game or tabletop gaming related is accepted.
Also, use this page as much as you want to promote big events, your games, your friends games. Promote to your hearts content, just don’t spam the group cause then some of your posts will be deleted. Multiple posting of the same thing is viewed as spam. Treat all group members with respect of you may get banned.

 Card & Board Game Designers Guild

https://www.facebook.com/groups/GameDesignersGuild/ (7,141 members)

This is a group that welcomes all members of the modern hobby game development industry. Feel free to invite other designers, publishers, and even artists. WARNING: We can be very blunt with feedback. We don’t mean to be rude- but rather to tell you something maybe your friends and family have been to kind to do. Please use our page to ask questions and get feedback on your GAME DESIGNS. If you have a WIP (Work in Progress) fee free to post that in our FILES section.

Board Game Revolution

https://www.facebook.com/groups/boardgamerevolution/?ref=group_browse_new (8,081 members)

DO NOT POST EXTERNAL LINKS TO THE GROUP WITHOUT READING BELOW:  In trying to keep this group a little less “cluttered”, the only thing we ask is that you keep certain external links contained to one of the appropriate pre existing posts which can be found searching one of the hashtags (#Kickstarter, #Promote, #Reviews, #Deals) otherwise feel free to post as normal. The hashtags are only to making searching for these posts easier. All you have to do is search for the #hashtag to find it and then hit reply button to add your post to the thread. DO NOT add hastags to your post, they are only used to make finding the associated thread easier.

Game Maker’s Lab

https://www.facebook.com/groups/gamemakerslab/?ref=group_browse_new  (238 members)

A friendly, safe, and spam-free community that functions as a skill exchange market for card, board, and digital game designers. Activity is focused on asking for and offering help and advice with various aspects of the design process. By joining you agree to keep all posts and images secret and will not share or reproduce any content without the original creator’s permission. All members are subject to review and membership status can be revoked for bad behavior, theft, or any other negative actions or posts.

Boardgame reviewer

https://www.facebook.com/groups/boardgamereviewer/ (2,472 members)

Welcome to all tabletop game reviewers, publishers and designers! Read this section in order to not be removed.NEW MEMBERS: Introduce yourself to this welcoming community! Share with us your outlet and how you hope to improve this year. REVIEWERS:Reviewers are NOW allowed to link their content here, so long as they are asking for a peer review and the question they have is more elaborate than “What do you think of this review?” DESIGNERS / PUBLISHERS: You are highly encouraged to solicit reviews for your game as well as ask for advice. You may only solicit a prototype for your game in this group at least ONE MONTH before your Kickstarter launch, if applicable. You may also solicit a final consumer version of your game at any time. THERE IS NO REASON TO LINK A LIVE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN OR AMAZON SALES PAGE HERE.

STARTUP Board & Card Game Designers

https://www.facebook.com/groups/528406633897241/?ref=browser (1,353 members)

Hello to all Rookies and veterans, welcome to STARTUP Board & Card Game Designers, this group is for helping out Board/Card game designers, not just by critics etc. We encourage posting of ideas, kickstarter projects mainly to encourage, critique and give helpful feedback and advice from each other. We also support Kickstarter campaigns for board/card games.You can post your campaign links etc. as long as it is related to the group. There are so many groups that prohibit campaign links, but for this group, we don’t prohibit links because we do know how hard it is to promote a campaign.
A simple share tool helps our fellow mates in the industry. $1 Buck pledge is a huge contribution. Let us help each other & good luck to your projects.

Tabletop Game Playtesters Guild

https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoardGamePlaytestersGuild/?ref=browser (1,561 members)

This group exists to help game designers and playtesters connect, and to share other play testing related resources. It is open to all game designers and publishers looking for play testers, as well as anyone interested in play testing new games. Please feel free to invite anyone that fits that description.

Please help keep a good thing going. If you are seeking playtesters, please consider offering to playtest someone else’s game.

Tabletop Game Publisher’s Guild

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TabletopPublishers/ (2,974 members)

This is a group of hobby industry game publishers. The page is meant to be a communications tool for helping each other and for sharing information and help regarding the industry or manufacturers and best practices. Need help with typical specs or what the normal costs to expect are? Having trouble doing mechanical files for the printer? These are the kinds of questions to pose here.

Art & Graphic Design for Tabletop Games

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TabletopArtDesign/ (3,045 members)

This is a place for game designers, artists and graphic designers to connect and discuss art, illustration and graphic design in tabletop games. You are also welcome to share game projects you are working on for feedback about the art or graphic design.

Board Game Creative Projects (Tabletop Rethemes and Other Improvements)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/boardgamerethemes/  (2,595 members)

Tabletop rethemes, redesigns, pimping, and other improvements! This is a place for #BoardGamers to share the creative improvements to the games they love. Please share photos, videos, resources & tips for board game pimps, rethemes, redesigns and other improvements (big and small) to your tabletop games.Share your ideas for what can be done with old popular board game parts (like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or Stratego), your player aids, micro-pimps, newer parts, etc. Pretty much anything creative that you’ve come up with. If you share someone else’s ideas: please make sure to give that person credit.

Board Game Exchange

https://www.facebook.com/groups/boardgameexchange (3,539 members)

Welcome to the most active Facebook group for buying, selling and trading board games. Please read the pinned post for the group guidelines.


Kickstarter Best Practices

https://www.facebook.com/groups/KickstarterBestPractices/members/ (5,495 members)

This group was created to help project creators with Kickstarter and how best to utilize the platform. Projects, campaigns and New Releases, and related materials are all appropriate to discuss. Please read the Pinned Posting of Guidelines before you post. We welcome everyone to our group, If you have any questions about admission to the group, posting rules, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to message one of the admins.

Tabletop Game Kickstarter Advice

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TabletopKickstarters/ (3,276 members)

This group is to help people create and run successful Kickstarter campaigns for Tabletop Hobby Games. We are not a place to ask for support for you campaign. We are a place help you improve your campaign BEFORE you go live

Kickstarter Games

https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickstartergames/?ref=group_browse_new (3,149 members)

Kickstarter Games is a place to post and talk about Kickstarter Games.

Gamers Kickstarter Group

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1585844725009055/ (664 members)

The group is about Kickstarter projects aimed at gamers!


https://www.facebook.com/groups/apriltlt/ (1,409 members)

Here we share interesting ideas and innovative projects.ALL POSITIVE for human development !

Euro Board Game Kickstarter Notifications

https://www.facebook.com/groups/434936473252663/ (2,472 members)

Let’s have a group where people can post board games they have put on Kickstarter, or games any of us find on Kickstarter. That way those of us who want to participate and help out can find the “good” ones without having to search all through the website that only filters to “Board game” level. This won’t work unless we spread the word. Please share with all of your gaming friends! Thanks.

Kickstarter & Boardgame Spotlights

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Kickstarterandboardgamespotlights/ (2,597)

Bringing you a weekly Kickstarter project to check out and win great games in the giveaways. We also talk about new releases, I (James Hudson) do quick 5 minute-ish overviews of both. My hopes is that we create a diverse group of gamers that have meaningful and fun conversations about the things we love, board games! Let’s back some Kickstarters and buy some games from our FLGS’!


Promote Groups or Pages

. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PromoteGroupsorPages/  (39,209)

~This group is simple: Only FB PAGES or GROUPS. Everything else is deleted. Please Read and comment AGREE! Thanks! :)~Please DO NOT comment your pages or groups on this post. It will be deleted and you will be banned.~Please DO NOT comment your page or group multiple times on other people’s posts. If you want to like someone else’s page on someone else’s post, please go to their page and leave a message. Posting more than once takes up the entire timeline and is considered spam. Thank you & Have fun!

Boardgame Giveaways & Contests – Tabletop, Board, and Card Games

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TabletopGameGiveaways/ (2,070 members)

This is a public group to post links to various giveaways and contests for board and tabletop games. Please don’t use this group to advertise your Kickstarter campaign, promote your new game, post game reviews, etc. unless you are running a giveaway or contest. Posts should be links to giveaways and contests that are related to tabletop gaming (posting pictures of swag you’ve won is great, too).Please link to the actual contest posts, not just the page the contest is on. You can always find the URL for an individual post by clicking on the timestamp of the post. When posting a Giveaway, include the date the giveaway is good through, if available. Please invite your friends and post all contest links you come across (please check to see that the same contest hasn’t been posted recently though).

Crowdfunding Pitch

 https://www.facebook.com/groups/crowdfundingpitch/?ref=group_browse_new (17,580 members)

Make your crowdfunding project visible and find supporters!


cat on a keyboard

PR, PR, PR and some PRrrrr!

cat on a keyboard

Doing Pre – Research for Press Releases, game Previews and Public Relations. Lord Byron (the cat) is PrrrPrrrPrrring on my knees keeping me warm and occasionally typing random letters at my Excel file.  Speaking of which, is a MUST – HAVE accessory in every research. Up to now (I consider myself being still in the Pre-research phase) I have a sum of 1,020 entries of people to contact before getting public. I guess I have to clean up my list a bit before doing any further research. A word of advice: Keep your Excel list well organized from the very beginning. Use multiple sheets in different colors in order to navigate easily between your entries – having Twitter accounts mixed up with Facebook groups, personal mails and cool blogs is not very wise, unless your list is no longer than 15 rows (which shouldn’t be)!

I Just found out an entry of a blogger that is inactive since 2014, poor guy I hope he is not dead and gone but anyway, 1,019 entries have to be cleaned up now.

I will come back soon with some valid, up – to – date results of people to contact before getting public!




scrabble spelling results

Reviewers Research Day – some results

Reviewers research day again, and I am sharing with you some results:  this useful list of resources by Pixy Games, this 500 entries list of top board game sites in the world (you will have to dig a bit to find reviewers but it worth the time), this article from Board Game Prices about people you should contact when considering a review, this lesson by Jamey Stegmaier explaining the overall review strategy, this wonderful work by James Mathe (minion games), and of course, check out this and this BGG entries! Do you have more suggestions about this issue?