First-time backer?

Are you a first-time backer on Kickstarter?

Cool! Welcome to the world’s largest crowdfunding platform!

Kickstarter has helped thousands of indie; ultra-cool projects find their way into the world! Go on, dive in and take a look around… you will definitely find a project that tickles your fancy!

Ok, here you are, you just bumped onto a project that you want to support! And now, what?

Take your time and look carefully at all the details of the campaign that you liked! You will notice that every campaign has a story section, dealing with what is this project, how it came to be…DO study the campaign you plan to support! The most important thing in a campaign is the number on the top right of your screen. This is the funding goal. In simple words, this is how much money the creator needs to get the project through production. If the campaign is live, you can see how much money has been collected up to now, how many backers does this campaign have, and how many days are left for completion.

Right below the funding goal is where things get interesting… These are the pledge levels, different levels of support, that the project creator chooses to offer. But, beware! Kickstarter is not a marketplace, it is a funding platform. Meaning, you do not buy anything, you support a creator! In exchange for your support, you get something back. This is why pledge levels range from a mere 1 $ or 1 € or 1 £, to vertigo-inducing heights. For each pledge level, the creator commits that you will get something back after the project reaches its funding goal. This “something back” can range from the creators’ gratitude, a finished product, or …Who knows, creators are strange creatures…one might promise to erect a huge mural in the center square of his hometown with your face on it! Every project is different, so what you get in exchange for your support is very clearly defined right below the pledge level alongside the delivery time of that specific pledge.

So there you go, pledge away at the level you prefer… A mere euro or your life’s savings, this is entirely up to you. If you think the mural is a good idea, who are we to judge! And don’t forget, even the lowest pledges mean so very much to creators! Someone believes in them and their vision… and this is priceless! Kickstarter will help you complete the process in a few steps!

Congratulations! You are now a first-time backer!!!!

Oh, my dear first-time backer…Kickstarter is a big family… Take your time and study the campaign that interests you. Look carefully at the team members, search their websites and profiles. DO NOT support a project that fails to convince you of its viability. Soon, you will notice that most of Kickstarter campaigns are not faceless! There are real people behind each and every project, and all of them are determined to turn their idea into reality!

The more money past the funding goal, the more goodies seem to come my way? Why is that? 

Oh, dear first-time backer…We, creators, tend to love our projects, we would never ever take money away from them…What we do with the extra cash, is use it to improve on our core project. How is this possible? Simple, by making more pieces, manufacturing costs go down, and all the extra money are put into delivering a much plusher product! This is why, the more money is collected in a campaign, the better the product you are going to get delivered, on the very same pledge level you chose!


Τhis calls for attention! Most projects (but not all) charge shipping after the campaign ends. Shipping costs are explained in the campaign, BUT in most cases these are estimates. No one can know beforehand how many stretch goals will be reached. That is why most projects use a pledge manager, a very useful tool, which will inform you of the exact shipping costs, post-campaign! And yes, if you do not like what you hear, you can draw back anytime! Yes, cool, we know!

But the most important of all is that Kickstarter, in contrast to other crowdfunding platforms goes for the “all or nothing” motto. If the funding goal is not reached, you don’t get charged, and the creator goes back to the drawing board. Practically, that means that you don’t support a project in the hope that it gets funding and you will get something back in return. YOU KNOW that if a project succeeds, then what was promised will be delivered to you. If not, you will not be charged a penny! How cool is that?

Now you know why we are so excited! Kickstarter has finally opened up to creators from Greece, Slovenia and Poland, so we can’t wait to see what neat projects will come through!

And of course, our very first project, Trivia Obscura™ +Do you know Darkness?+, the board game that allows you to bask in the glory of your dark existence and… rub your poser friends’ noses in it, will be live on the 29th of October 2020!

You can support our campaign here:

…and we hope that if you choose us for your very first Kickstarter pledge, it will be the first of many many – many campaigns and beautiful ideas that you helped to make a reality! It is a really nice feeling, isn’t it?

Welcome to Kickstarter!!!


We are Live!!!

Yes we know we have been silent for a long time but we’ve been busy bees. We re-did this site as you can see, so it is now nice clean and accessible, but that’s not all… We’ve finally put up all of Trivia Obscura’s social media channels up.

Firstly you can get all the deliciously dark trivia that you’re so fond of, through our tumblr icon. Aptly titled “do you know darkness?” it will cater to all your needs. Or even join our grand facebook group… We need your help, so go on start posting away facebook group icon.

Then you can get to our game facebook page facebook icon black. Oh I almost forgot we have a nice and scroll-a-licious one page site for Trivia Obscura here… and if you into tweeting nadanull will be doing that twitter icon.

Oh we also have an office now…yes we managed to piece the desk together. Still missing a few light bulbs though…..

iron desk legs macro

We have a desk!

First of May today and out of the blue most of our work table arrived….I know it is not very exciting to you but to us it is something we have been waiting for since forever. It is nice, it is wooden and metal and it is missing a linkage so we can’t really use it yet…

table legs
I am made of metal…

wooden desktop
Wood..none of those compressed sawdust things.


table legs close up
just in case you want a close up.

Oh well at least we got 3 out of 4 components in the office….Maybe next week we will be working from our custom ordered beauty and not our aging IKEA paperboard sad excuse of a work desk.

Setting up office

Setting up office…

Hello dear patient reader…Yes I am talking to you that feel betrayed by our broken promise of a daily post…Yes it was good while it lasted but we must at this point admit to defeat…No we have not given up on you, but you will have to quench you thirst for nadanull related info on a weekly basis from now on.

So what have we been up to since we last spoke to you? Well we have been busy bees and as you will have noticed from our previous post, we are now officially a company. Oh I can hear some of you complaining… “-And did this take you 3 whole months? Are you kidding me? I can do it in two days tops.” Yes dear reader 3 months of paperwork… Remember we are based in sunny but paper laden Greece. Let me give you my side of the story…

Part one…The accountant…Ok I must admit that was the easy part…We did find an office that more or less have the same outlook in life as we do and also seemed to know their stuff and we were informed that we will be up and running in a week…First of all we need to rent some office space and then it is all sugar…Pumped from enthusiasm we breezed out of the door praying to god that we be graced with a landlord with understanding and entered the search for office space…

This took us a month…We had the opportunity to marvel at many many many perspective places but most of them failed even the lowest standards even the most humblest of business has. We came across office space conveniently placed inside the landlord’s house… “Don’t worry I will keep the door closed and never disturb you”… We came across moisture so grand that if we were in the cave exploration business we would be millionaires…We were informed that exposed bricks are all the rage in New York even when they are exposed because the plaster has rooted off them…We even had to communicate with a landlady that was in a coma and her housekeeper obviously gifted with the sight of mind reading was acting as her voice.

office space

Finally light shone on us in the form of a really cozy office with nice wooden beams and plenty of electrical wiring to meet our computing needs. It even is a mere 5 second walk from a postcard view of the Aegean. Office space check.