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Backing Weekends 2

Hello people! Friday evening and here we are, digging Kickstarter for cool projects to back on Monday!

Here is what we discovered; give us a hand and help us decide:

Which Kickstarter project shall we back this Weekend?


the damned childrenTHE DAMNED CHILDREN

A 6-18 player card game of lies, deception and trust, based on the classic party game Werewolf.

Aaaaaaawesome Artwork! …  Weird dudes in hats and suspenders …  Seriously guys, great aesthetics! We support!






createuresCreateures: Flip 5 Game Cards. Draw Art. Critique. Improve.

Createüres is a game that unleashes the artist trapped inside anyone’s head, at any skill level.

We feel so artistic this weekend! What a beautiful game! Thumbs up!





nothing to declareNothing To Declare

A card game for 2-6 players. Keep the most ridiculous items hidden, sabotage your rivals and avoid inspections!

All kind of weird stuff packed in a tiny luggage! Sounds fun!!  We like!




berghainBerghain: A Game for 2–6 Players About Getting In

Take control of the door of legendary nightclub Berghain in this fast and fun card game!

A board game on clubbing, techno and gay subculture in Berlin! We never like being turned round at the door anyway!







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First Backing Weekend: Results and thoughts!

First Backing Weekend is over! Results and thoughts!

Hello people! Our first backing weekend is over!

First of all congratulations to the winners! This week’s winner is black metal game Cryptic Explorers, a game featuring  the battle between two competing sides: the Cryptonauts and the Deities of Death. Their Kickstarter page can be found here.

Since it was the first time we did something like that and we are exploring this thing from the ground up with you, we are sharing our impressions.

We chose 4 projects that are currently live on Kickstarter. We selected projects that are in a non – funded yet status, and that would be still active on Monday, (so that we could back on Monday). We picked up the four games randomly based on our own taste and preferences, from what was available on Kickstarter this week. Also, we knew no one of the creators personally.

The process:

Firstly, we created a facebook event in order to allow a poll. The event will be active every weekend, with different projects every week. You can always check in our page here  to see current events.

We published the poll in 5 facebook groups:

I posted the poll about 3 times (one per day) in my facebook timeline.

Also I made a few tweets during the weekend promoting the poll.

We send a direct message to all 4 project creators, informing them for the event. 3 replied back.

As for the poll, 20 people voted (except us). Again, we also knew no one of them personally and since this is our first time doing this we considerate to be a success. We hope that we helped a bit and we added a little something to all campaigns, and we wish the best to all 4 of them! Good luck guys! 😉

If you have ANY suggestions, if you want to put YOUR project or any project you like in our backing weekend poll, then simply post a link, a comment, a suggestion in our facebook page or through our mail. We will seriously review, consider and if we find it interesting put it up for voting.

Some thoughts:

I run into a lot of problems in actually creating the poll as a page. Apparently facebook doesn’t allow that option for free anymore and you can only put up polls in events or groups you belong to. This was not so bad, as having a backing weekend recurring event in facebook, was after all not a bad idea.

Second issue we run into is that once you vote for something you can’t really un-vote. I found out that in order to remove your vote you need to be logged in to facebook and navigate to after the poll is closed. That gave me a bit of a headache since I would prefer to not participate in the process and create an impression towards one or another project, but as mentioned facebook had a different opinion. Since my destiny was determined to vote, I did it honestly. Well, to confess, I am very keen on black metal, so Cryptic Explorers got my vote as well. On the other hand, I am glad that it was not my vote that determined the results, cause I feel that this would be unfair.

See you next backing weekend! 😉

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Backing Weekends

As promised, we want to support the gaming community by backing a different Kickstarter Project every week. After going through this weeks’ selection of tabletop game projects currently live on KS, we came down to these 4 options, each one for a different reason. The projects we selected are all in a not funded yet status…


 So, dear reader, which Kickstarter Project should we back this weekend?…And Why?

metrum board game


MetRum: London

We like lines, we like circles, we like trains.










THIS DEFIANT EARTH: 1950s Sci-Fi Movie Roleplaying!

Nice theme! Crazy guy! B-movie game! We like!










Conspire – A Hidden-Role Storytelling Game

Yes!!! We knew it!!! Finally, help those guys expose the truth!!! We support!!









CRYPTIC EXPLORERS – Tabletop Tactics in the Realms of Death!

Heavy metal game? Sure! \m/