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Backing Weekends 5

We have decided to back a different Kickstarter Project every week.
All projects have to be from the board games category and they have to be in the not funded yet category. HELP US CHOOSE…

Christmas is approaching and we want to cheer up, open up our hearts,  try to build a better world for all of us. Or, if we can’t make it; visit another world for a while! As  Philip K. Dick said, “if you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others”! What options do we have this week?



philanthropy board game

First of all, can you think of a better way to welcome the Christmas spirit than Philanthropy? We love it!

Philanthropy: The Social Justice Game

Take a stand for poverty, slavery, and more, play a game unlike any other, and help change the world, one card at a time.




shintiara board game

After paying our duty to this world, what would you say about visiting a fantasy world with strong science-fiction elements, where players are called upon to live incredible adventures and to question themselves on the nature of the universe? Thumbs up!



Shintiara RPG: a world of Magic and Time Paradoxes

A Tabletop Role-playing Game on the Event Horizon, where Time is broken and Magic blends with Technology. Experience the Timewarp!



meducational board game

Ok, this has nothing to do with the Christmas spirit, but it has a lot to do with the Kickstarter spirit: A medical student, felt inundated with the countless facts that she needed to learn, so found a fun way of improving knowledge for all medical students or people in the medical field. We like well informed medics, we like indie projects on KS, we support!

Meducational – Bring out the medic in you!

Bring some fun and laughter to medicine!



monkeys on your back board game

As a kid I remember writing letters to Santa every year, asking for a board game about Addicted Monkeys. I got a bicycle, a puppy, lots of candies, but never a board game about Addicted Monkeys. Now is the time that I can finally make my childhood dream come true and support this brilliant project on KS! No more puppies Mr. Santa!


Monkeys On Your Back

Monkeys On Your Back is a card game that you have to defeat Addicted Monkeys who will try to make you fall into temptation.



So! Which Kickstarter board game shall we support this week? Help us with your vote HERE!


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