Backing Weekend 5: Results, thoughts & mistakes!

*Wow! What a race!!*

This backing Weekend has exceeded all expectations: It turned out to be an amazing competition, were hundreds of people participated in the process and voted to support their favorite project in Kickstarter.  Let’s have a closer look:

The process:

Four non – funded yet Kickstarter board games were chosen (the process of choosing the games can be found in this blog entry of our journal:  After making the blog entry, we created a facebook event to hold the poll. The event was automatically set up to start at December 2   6:30 PM and end at December 4  at 9 PM, CE time (you can see the details here). After running the facebook event, we contacted all 4 project creators letting them know of the voting process. The poll with the details of all 4 projects was also promoted in THE BOARDGAME GROUP of facebook on Saturday, twitted a few times during the weekend and for the first time, posted in reddit, in the CrowdfundedBoardgames Subreddit (Which actually got a very good rank during the weekend).

The amazing race:

The competition started on a very dynamic pace on Friday evening. All four projects started to participate and share our poll with their friends and communities. By Saturday, nearly a hundred people had participated in the voting process, with Philanthropy taking the lead. Shintiara followed, receiving loads of love from its fans (we got a lot of messages explaining what an amazing game it is and why it should be supported). On Sunday, Shintiara made a powerful comeback, steadily winning grounds over Philanthropy.  By 5 PM on Sunday the agony had reached a peak! Philanthropy had more than a hundred supporting votes, but less than 10 votes separated it from Shintiara, which was steadily winning ground!  At this point we made a tweet and a facebook post, wanted to motivate all 4 projects to peak their support to their chosen games the remaining 4 hours! The motivation actually worked and Shintiara made an overthrow: it took the lead! At 9 PM sharply, we looked at the results of this AMAZING thrilling race: 128 votes for Shintiara, 124 votes for Philanthropy, 9 votes for Meducational and 9 votes for Monkeys On Your Back. Wow! We took notes, shut down our computers and went to sleep still smiling, satisfied with the great participation of this Backing Weekend.

The Thoughts:

This was a great Weekend for all of us. We made a lot of new friends, we met people with whom we share common interests, we discovered great projects, we had great anticipation, we felt motivated, we wanted to spread creativity and support around the world and most of all, we had loads of FUN. Which actually brings us to the initial thought: that is what self – publishing your games and crowdfunding is all about: connecting with people, supporting your communities (and your communities supporting you in return), being creative all the way through and enjoying the process every moment, at every step. It feels nice!

The Big mistake:

Monday morning facebook was waiting with a small surprise for us: the poll was NOT automatically locked after the event was over! People kept on voting during the night, supporting and sharing their favorite games with the public. And when we say that people supported their games we mean A LOT of people showed A LOT of love! Monday at 10 AM, Philanthropy has reached 198 votes, Shintiara 141, Meducational 12 and Monkeys On Your Back 9 votes! That is a total of 360 votes!! Wow and Oooops! At the same time!

The Results:

Officially, Shintiara is the Great Winner! By the time the event ended (9 PM) the game had managed to make an impressive turn over, giving the thrills to all of us, till the very last minute! Wow guys! Great game! Great work! Thank you for this amazing race, we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did!!!


Not locking the poll manually was our mistake. And as it turned out, a mistake that made a difference, since Philanthropy turned out to be an unbelievably loved game! It would be unfair to overlook the fact that 100 people voted overnight in order to help this project come alive. That is a lot of love! People, you have an extremely supportive community! How can you call it a loose?


Come on! You know the answer! You know who the winner is! Christmas is coming! Open up your hearts! With 360 people voting in a single Weekend, our beloved Gaming Community is the Great Winner! We want to bring our community a little closer, spread a word of motivation and fill the stores with Independent, self – published board games that make our world a bit of a better place to be and people a little happier (or a little smarter)! So, both Shintiara & Philanthropy will be equally supported from our side. And since Santa wants us to be generous and make people happy, Monkeys On Your Back and Meducational will also receive a Christmas symbolic supporting pledge. It was a Wow – everything – is – possible – Weekend after all!!

*  Big Hug  * to all 4 projects! Wish you the best, and see you next backing weekend! 😉


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