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Backing Weekends

As promised, we want to support the gaming community by backing a different Kickstarter Project every week. After going through this weeks’ selection of tabletop game projects currently live on KS, we came down to these 4 options, each one for a different reason. The projects we selected are all in a not funded yet status…


 So, dear reader, which Kickstarter Project should we back this weekend?…And Why?

metrum board game


MetRum: London

We like lines, we like circles, we like trains.










THIS DEFIANT EARTH: 1950s Sci-Fi Movie Roleplaying!

Nice theme! Crazy guy! B-movie game! We like!










Conspire – A Hidden-Role Storytelling Game

Yes!!! We knew it!!! Finally, help those guys expose the truth!!! We support!!









CRYPTIC EXPLORERS – Tabletop Tactics in the Realms of Death!

Heavy metal game? Sure! \m/


















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