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Woo-hoo! Backing Weekend 6: Results & thoughts

 Woo-hoo! I just backed Quodd Heroes, our great winner!

The process:

Four non – funded yet Kickstarter board games were chosen (the process of choosing the games can be found in this blog entry of our journal:  After making the blog entry, we created a facebook event to hold the poll. The event was automatically set up to start at December 9   6:30 PM and end at December 11  at 9 PM, CE time. After running the facebook event, we contacted all 4 project creators letting them know of the voting process. The poll with the details of all 4 projects was also promoted in a few facebook groups on Saturday, twitted a few times during the weekend and for the first time, posted in reddit, in the CrowdfundedBoardgames Subreddit.

The Results:

Quodd Heroes was voted by 66 people, Who Shit In My Cat by 24, Empires of Steam by 3 and Andoria by 1. This results leaves us with only one thing to do:  Woo-hoo Quodd Heroes!

See you next backing weekend!

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