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Backing Weekends 6

Another Backing Weekend is here and we are ready to support and back an active Kickstarter board game from the non – funded – yet category. Let’s have a look on this week’s projects!


Empires of Steam: A Steampunk Themed Strategy Card Game

Empires of Steam game


Build an empire powered by steam greater than any other. Outgrow your opponents thru strategy. A deck building and card placing game.

The goggles! The hats! The leather belts! The gears! We admit having a bit of a crush for retrofuturism! Thumbs up!




Who Shit In My Cat?!

Shit In my cat game


Looking for something unique? Something rare? Something that you could never find in a big box store? Look no further.

Actually, we cannot describe the game’s concept with any other word besides “brilliant”!  We just love that kind of Shit!





Andoria box cover


Andoria is a unique combination of the card combat and deck building genres that is fast paced, tactical, and fun for 2- 4 players.

We cannot imagine Christmas without an intriguing card combat deck builder game, with great theme and illustration! Andoria is our choice for this year!




Quodd Heroes – A fast, fun, tumble-powered board game

Quodd Heroes game


Platform video game meets tabletop miniatures game in a completely original tabletop board game experience like nothing you’ve ever seen or played!

Awesome miniatures, truly unique mechanics, scenario-based gameplay, and gorgeous art. Action, adventure and Mayhem await! Support!




So! Which Kickstarter board game shall we support this week? Help us with your vote HERE!



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kickstarter I am a backer badge

Backing Weekends 5

We have decided to back a different Kickstarter Project every week.
All projects have to be from the board games category and they have to be in the not funded yet category. HELP US CHOOSE…

Christmas is approaching and we want to cheer up, open up our hearts,  try to build a better world for all of us. Or, if we can’t make it; visit another world for a while! As  Philip K. Dick said, “if you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others”! What options do we have this week?



philanthropy board game

First of all, can you think of a better way to welcome the Christmas spirit than Philanthropy? We love it!

Philanthropy: The Social Justice Game

Take a stand for poverty, slavery, and more, play a game unlike any other, and help change the world, one card at a time.




shintiara board game

After paying our duty to this world, what would you say about visiting a fantasy world with strong science-fiction elements, where players are called upon to live incredible adventures and to question themselves on the nature of the universe? Thumbs up!



Shintiara RPG: a world of Magic and Time Paradoxes

A Tabletop Role-playing Game on the Event Horizon, where Time is broken and Magic blends with Technology. Experience the Timewarp!



meducational board game

Ok, this has nothing to do with the Christmas spirit, but it has a lot to do with the Kickstarter spirit: A medical student, felt inundated with the countless facts that she needed to learn, so found a fun way of improving knowledge for all medical students or people in the medical field. We like well informed medics, we like indie projects on KS, we support!

Meducational – Bring out the medic in you!

Bring some fun and laughter to medicine!



monkeys on your back board game

As a kid I remember writing letters to Santa every year, asking for a board game about Addicted Monkeys. I got a bicycle, a puppy, lots of candies, but never a board game about Addicted Monkeys. Now is the time that I can finally make my childhood dream come true and support this brilliant project on KS! No more puppies Mr. Santa!


Monkeys On Your Back

Monkeys On Your Back is a card game that you have to defeat Addicted Monkeys who will try to make you fall into temptation.



So! Which Kickstarter board game shall we support this week? Help us with your vote HERE!


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Backing Weekends 4

It’s backing weekend time again…And what a weekend it is. All of this week’s games come from the darkside…So let’s see who wins.


This week we have:

true crime legends


True Crime Legends

True Crime Legends is a cinematic, mafia themed board game for 3-4 players.

We always wanted to have hired goons do our dirty business…We definitely support…








Illuminatus: Conspiracy-themed satirical strategy boardgame

2-6 players aged 14+. The conspiracy wants you! Who’s causing all the world issues? You are! Become part of the problem for an evening.

Guess who’s pulling the strings…we are…we love a good conspiracy! Let’s go for it.








You’re all going to burn in hell, you bunch of heretics!

A game for burning at the stake for our sins? I have sinned!






Phobia: A Fearfully Fun Game!

Phobia is a card game where you use fears against your friends!

Anatidaephobia  = The fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you. Is this phobia included in the game? Lets find out!



made up your mind yet?


zombie fight or flight

Third Backing Weekend: Results and thoughts!

With 59 votes Zombie Fight or Flight is the big winner of our third Backing Weekend.

zombie fight or flight

The process:

This week we promoted the poll only to our facebook page and to the STARTUP Board & Card Design facebook group. We also tweeted @nadanull_games a few times about the process.

We notified all creators (again we knew no one in person, neither did they know about the voting).

The poll had an immediate reaction, as the winning game got over 20 votes in the very first hours.

The thoughts:

Again we can’t overstate how important a role social media play when running a crowdfunding campaign: Even if you think that you have planned every possibility and every aspect of the process, maybe a stranger shows up out of nowhere and puts your game in a poll! Being alert is crucial in supporting your work in every possible channel.

Thanks to all participants and to our growing audience. We wish the best to all four wonderful projects towards their funding goal.

See you next backing weekend! 😉

kickstarter I am a backer badge

Backing Weekends 3

Here we are another Friday evening, looking forward to supporting a fresh game on Kickstarter! Let’s have a look on this week’s menu!





-NecronomiCORP – The office survival horror game.

Old Ones in an office? Cool! Great illustration, very high tower, we like!





zombie fight or flight


-Zombie Fight or Flight

We are feeling zombified this week! Add some drinking and custom ceramic jars in the recipe, and you’ve got us!




cave people


-Cave People – The Card Game

Me find food…me evolve…me like honest video…me give monies to flipflop wearing caveperson.





pompeii wrath of vesuvius


-Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius

Secure your financial stronghold on Pompeii before the volcano goes boom. …We support!






So who is going to be the winner this week? You choose.



Second Backing Weekend: Results and thoughts!

This weeks’ backing weekends drew to a close. With 34 votes Berghain was a clear winner.

succesful backing

The process:

Similar to last week we put up an event on our facebook page and spread the word as much as possible throughout the weekend by posting in relevant  facebook groups, tweeting around the competition and posting in our timeline.

The thoughts:

This week’s poll made me think about the importance of social media when running a Kickstarter campaign. It is vastly important to be alert and ready to motivate your audience 24/7 during your campaign. No matter how good your project is you must make sure people know about it and what better way of doing that than a strong presence in all the social media channels. You as the creator know who your target audience is, so let them know that you are here.

Thanks to all participants and may all 4 wonderful projects get to their funding goal.

See you next backing weekend! 😉


kickstarter I am a backer badge

Backing Weekends 2

Hello people! Friday evening and here we are, digging Kickstarter for cool projects to back on Monday!

Here is what we discovered; give us a hand and help us decide:

Which Kickstarter project shall we back this Weekend?


the damned childrenTHE DAMNED CHILDREN

A 6-18 player card game of lies, deception and trust, based on the classic party game Werewolf.

Aaaaaaawesome Artwork! …  Weird dudes in hats and suspenders …  Seriously guys, great aesthetics! We support!






createuresCreateures: Flip 5 Game Cards. Draw Art. Critique. Improve.

Createüres is a game that unleashes the artist trapped inside anyone’s head, at any skill level.

We feel so artistic this weekend! What a beautiful game! Thumbs up!





nothing to declareNothing To Declare

A card game for 2-6 players. Keep the most ridiculous items hidden, sabotage your rivals and avoid inspections!

All kind of weird stuff packed in a tiny luggage! Sounds fun!!  We like!




berghainBerghain: A Game for 2–6 Players About Getting In

Take control of the door of legendary nightclub Berghain in this fast and fun card game!

A board game on clubbing, techno and gay subculture in Berlin! We never like being turned round at the door anyway!








Size matters?

Things are running pretty fast right now and I have to make final decisions on practical issues, such as box sizing. The tip is to make your game fit in an amazon flat rate box (or squeeze more games in that box). But, you have to plan for extra goodies and stretch goals and t-shirts and all that stuff in advance: If you have extra items to ship, you will have to choose early if you are going to put them inside your core game box, or not! If not, make sure you have sufficient space inside your shipping box.

Your best friend in this endeavor is Usps’s box sizing in this link, and if like me you come from a country where decimals are appreciated  your *BFFEAE* is your conversion  calculator .

*Seriously, people? Inches? INCHES? What’s wrong with the metric systems? Ahhh!*

Anyway, keep in mind that the sizes on the link describe the inside of the box (which helps a lot). Usps has recently added the “board game box” flat rate box, so remember that if you jump into some older game designers forum or post, this small detail will be omitted. Besides that, talk to your manufacturer cause he may have standard box / board / cards etc sizes to provide you with, and adjusting your game to fit into standard sizes will save you a lot of headache and some money.  I think that the Game Crafter is a very handy guide for sizing – even if you don’t intend to work with them for printing, you can always check out their standard sizes – they are widely common between manufacturers (those damn inches again…!).

Further reading here (BGG) and here (BGDF)!