boxed games

I Love the smell of cardboard!

As mentioned in an earlier post we are now at a stage of contacting manufacturers to see who gets to materialize our visions of making a game that is not only fun to play but also an object that can hold it’s own when seen proudly lazing around the savvy owners coffee table (yes that is possibly you dear reader of exquisite taste and intellect).boxed games

The moral here is that you are going to spend a pretty penny on manufacturing, (well all of the penny to be exact), so make sure you know what you are getting with your money. Get the quotes you are offered as analytical as possible, remember nothing is implied if it is not written on paper and also do not forget to ask for a samples of what material or games with similar specs to your own your manufacturer has actually made.


games02About a week ago we asked one of the manufacturers we are approaching for some sample work. Today a box arrived in the post office. I cannot describe how surprised I was to find out that the manufacturer had sent us about 15 full games. The quality is perfect and they have completely sold themselves to us.

Ok guys we are convinced. Manufacture sorted..On to the next step….

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