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Essen Spiel 2016 – Day Three

Day three was really a big blur. Well it was crowded…actually crowded is an understatement. It was more like trying to squeeze an elephant as garnish in a B52 shot.

The above video from monkey butt game clearly illustrates my point.

The fact that it was going to be crowded dawned on me the moment I set foot in the subway. There was cue to get in a cue to get to the actual lane the train was leaving from. When you were in the lane you also had to que in a que that led up to a que to board the train. It took at least a good hours wait, before I managed to place myself on the about to board the train position.

crowds flock to Essen Spiel
The crowds flock to Essen Spiel.

Also driven by an inexplicable impulse I decided to leave all of my shopping for my last day in Essen, (this was a huge mistake, please dear reader avoid making the same choice at all costs). Saturday was so overwhelmingly busy that I found it impossible to locate any of the games that tickled my fancy the previous days but the most important thing is that I could not for the love of God locate the game I had singled out for my daughter.

Word of parenting advise: If your three year old asks: -Daddy did you buy me a game?
Never ever under no circumstance reply yes to that question, unless you have the actual item in your actual possession.

After a lot of effort, I managed to find the games I had singled out for my dear offspring, thus sporting a smile best befitting a man who’s just escaped the guillotine, I proceeded with my favorite pastime of generally loitering around and buying games for me and my friends.

I bought a couple of Lovecraftian coins from the excellent Drawlab entertainment and was chuffed to find out that CIV6 is coming out…Besides the actual games on display I was also amazed to see quite a lot of really cool illustrators showcasing their talents and made a note of Bjorn Barends whose work I really liked.

Also at the same time I made a mental note to kill the triangle from our logo…..Do you see a triangle in our logo?…If you do, it is only because I haven’t killed it yet! Triangle = mystical occult connotations stuff blah blah…NO…out you go triangle…Hello circle-rectangle or something else…Boss can I kill the triangle? I don’t know why I did the triangle in the first place…I must surely have been drunk.
[update: The boss likes the triangle…The triangle stays…apparently I am even lower in the chain of command than I thought.]

I also bought this really cool war game that looks like a cross between RISK and CIVILIZATION. It is called Leaders and is made by Rudy games, (check it out here). It combines a board game with an app to enrich the gaming experience and I cant wait to get home to give it a spin.

I also got my hands on Zmans pandemic: reign of cthulhu, (here ).
Cthulhu is cool…Zman is cool…me wanna play!

I was also really impressed by all the people going around in character. We had pirates, orcs, full on goths, warriors, puppies and even Army of Lovers type nurses pushing around steampunk dudes, (well maybe not the puppy dude…I don’t know…no offense to anyone but not my thing).

Train of thought makes handbrake stop at the Tanto Cuore stand… A manga inspired deck building game…The game is beautifully illustrated. They sell it in character. Verdict: WIN-WIN!

Also more words of advise…bring hard cash as most sellers won’t accept credit cards. I still beat my head against the wall for not being able to buy this drug smuggling game I came across…I looked as if the god of cool had materialized in the form of a boardgame. I must remember who the publishers are and how the game is called.
[edit..It is called DEAL: The American Dream, read about it here.. ].

Deer Lord party game logo
Deer Lord…The game

And also must not forget to mention DeerLord , although not my thing in terms of game type, (party game), I must give it to them…they had the graphic design really pinned down..I wouldn’t mind buying the game, even if it was only to decorate my living room.

Well that was it for my first year…I managed not to get too lost on the German rail system, (I have a habit of doing that with most countries rail systems), and be part of a spectacular eye opening event…See you next year Essen.

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