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Essen Spiel 2016 – Day One

An Essen virgins tale.

I arrived in Dusseldorf airport having had a generous 2 hour shuteye and with one thing evident…the horribly erroneous selection of shoes and clothes I had made whilst packing. On a display of mental brilliance I had chosen to land on a quite freezing Deutschland sporting a mere t-shirt and a really cool but in serious need of breaking in, shiny new pair of shoes.  Congratulating myself on my snazzy dress sense and being introduced to my new friend the angry painful mr blister on right foot, I begun to fondly ponder the 3 days of loads of walking that lay ahead of me, whilst having an astounding resemblance to an icecube, due to the high level of cold protection my t-shirt was providing.

U11 subway to Essen Messe.
The pink tinted U11 subway to Essen Messe.

Those minor setbacks aside, I opted not to go anywhere near the hotel for fear of falling into a deathlike slumber and brave it, out by trying to navigate the German Rail system straight to Messe.

An hour later and after making a quick mental note to congratulate myself on being able to read the railway timetable and also board the correct train, I made a victorious arrival at Messe looking like a homeless person with a limp and in serious need of some sleep.I quickly ventured indoors driven by part curiosity, (remember it is my first time here), part self preservation, (outside cold – inside warm) and than it hit me….wow it is huge and full of a gazillion different games….

Essen Spiel game hall
Yes people do play games during the Essen Spiel.
People dressed as manga playing a balancing board game.
Some balancing game, obviously popular with room service.

I spent some time in the front entrance where they hold the smaller age group games, (I really must buy something for my daughter) and had a general walkaround to get a better feel for the place..I stumbled into some really cool metal dice that might go well with our game and some really impressive, but really out of budget gemstone dice.




I had a chat up with a polish manufacturer but lack of sleep made communication a bit difficult so I decided to do my Silent Bob routine for the rest of the day.

Silent Bob
This is Silent Bob..If you haven’t seen clerks please do! Trust me it’s good for you. Read about clerks here and the image is from here.

I was very very impressed with a war combat game that mixed classic board game with an app, (a combined game they called it), and made a mental note to invest on it later on.

At about 03:00 I had a stop to grab some currywurst which along with the blister and the freezing cold brought back fond memories of my last trip to Berlin. {Yes acute reader I always travel with wrong shoes light clothes and eat junk.}

Heading back to the hotel took me about an hour, but when I got there I was utterly gobsmacked…those last minute booking things really do pay off….I have never been to a more luxurious hotel in my life….I proceeded to passing out on the stuffed from something expensive and really fluffy bed whilst reminding myself not to get thirsty because I can’t really afford to buy water in this place…..

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