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Essen Spiel 2016 – Day Two

Well day two was my business day…I made loads of meetings and got to know a lot of friendly people from the games world, but fear not I will not bore you with anymore details from that, but I just wanted to say that I felt a great sense of community and camaraderie amongst gamers and game publishers alike, (even to a complete noob like myself).

Essen Spiel main lobby
The Essen Messe main entrance.

Actually another thing that took me by surprise was the really wide international representation on display at Essen. I was happy to see a lot of Mediterranean block publishers, (Spanish Greek and Italians) and the was a strong presence from Poland and Czech, especially when it came to manufacturing. As was expected a stong UK / Germany representation was evident, as both countries have a very strong gaming tradition, something which brings us to the Asians…..

manga poster
Yes..We like manga.

Their games are completely utterly and definitely based in a universe far out of this world. Be it for use of technology, (some company had this hologram thing going down), or be it for game concept they are definitely truly far out. I mean I was really really left with scratching the back of my head in bewilderment when I was faced with a game called SAN (from UBO). In it you are supposed to build mountains, yes mountains but not just any mountains….they have to be ”…mountains that look like you”. The game had nothing fancy just a very zen like board and some well wooden mountain bits…I bet an arm and a leg that no person in the western hemisphere, (even those of us with ample access to mind altering substances), would have thought of anything like that.

Moving on to more down to earth things and remembering that as a teenager I grew up an a steady diet of Bathory and Celtic Frost I can’t help but admit to being a sucker for all things LARP. Swords? Yes Please….Armour? Most certainly….Priests Robe?….Oh yes…But wait I am chaotic Evil, can I steal it from you and run away in the forest?…

As you can imagine I ran into the wonderful MYTHOLONS stand and I did spend quite a lot of time there vowing to return tomorrow, (my designated buy stuff day).


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