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Doubtful Web Design

Today I will share with you the trouble I have in creating this web/blog/journal.  If you are a frequent visitor to this site, (I can’t imagine that there are many of you at this stage; but kudos to those of you who are), you’ll soon notice that things in this site tend to move around a lot…Especially if you visit us around midnight it really is a case of now you see me now you don’t, (I like to live dangerously- live editing the site? Yes. Down for maintenance? Nah).

There is a good reason for that and that is that I don’t really know what I am doing! I am merely trying out what works best as we go along…

At this stage in our game publishing endeavor the powers that be, (yes that is you Marilena), decided that it makes no sense to make a normal company website that goes:

“wow look at us we are the most amazing company in the world that you’ve never heard of and we are going to publish the most amazing game that you’ve ever played but we can’t show you anything yet cause nothings ready!”

Fair enough. I can live with that, company website three weeks work scraped no problem, I am cool… I am a creative overlord I can handle going back to zero .

Well as is evident in the text that you see meticulously placed in the front of the page this is more of  a daily journal on what we do everyday on our way to publishing our greatest game of all time saga. So no easy static page for you to make Konstantinos…no we have to make a frequently updating one.

Whining aside well yes it is a perfect idea and since we decided to be as transparent as possible in this whole thing it is the only way to go….So back to our main topic and in an eruption of honesty I was a bit skeptical of if I could actually deliver…Design overlord yes, but a bit of a rusty one nevertheless….Let’s see…apart from being a religious reader of smashing magazine what have I done webwise in the last 5 years…hmmmm zit nothing nada…well at least it goes with our glorious name…Lets go back a bit more in time…hmmm I can handle my html and css and do a mean flash but wait nobody uses flash anymore…css3? What is this 3 thing…why 3… oh HTML apparently has gone up to version 5…hey you can make stuff move with it now..no wonder they scraped flash…good riddance it wasn’t even working on apple devices plus it was a malware infested wormhole….  Ah since I want to make a blog I must be a madman not to use some form of cms…Hmmm I did work with drupal a couple of years ago maybe I’ll go with that…oh wait wordpress have this cool aceesibily ready feature…but no Konstantinos you’ve always frowned upon wordpress for being a ready made piece of junk that you can’t customize to your hearts desire…go with Drupal…Drupal is your friend you can use drupal to fulfill your wildest aesthetic dreams and climb on the pedestal reserved for geniuses such as you…Yes my dear self but wordpress  comes with accessibility build in and you have a 3 year old daughter…How long will it take you to build accessibility into drupal?drupal vs wordpress

….Ok self we shall go with wordpress and try to dismantle it as much as we can.


After this long soul searching and moments of self doubt I believe that we have the core of the site ready function wise. Design wise it doesn’t look so bad but give me some time oh cruel frequent reader and it shall improve….

I quickly found out that this accessibility ready thing was not so ready after all and there is work to be done on that aspect…I used a really nice paper like background for the main theme of the page, (I will make it a bit lighter in due time), from the amazing subtle patterns site.

The nifty posts carousel that greets you on the front page is an adaptation of the really amazing owl carousel, I need to tweak it a little bit to improve the accessibility for keyboard navigation, but it is on my things to do list.

…Ah I see that I have fallen into a web accessibility banter throughout the post…I do that because we feel it is important and because well since transparency is what we do here well we want our site to be accessible so we put a lot of thought into it.  For those of you interested on the subject I use AChecker to check my site for errors and I highly recommend it. Designing an accessible site really is more a practice of common sense rather than trying to be super technical. For example my owl carousel comes through clean but I know it needs some work…so I’ll fix it…The rather useful wcag guidelines can be found here,  and if you give it a quick skim you’ll see that it is all rather reasonable…Ah you’ll also need a good hex color contrast checker. I use the one by WebAIM.

[Mental note: I really need to change the color the web links hover state is. And yes unforgiving one my icons are not tagged properly I shall work towards it…]


I think this post is beginning to grow a bit into a book…I’ll stop here and next time I shall discuss with you the epic saga of the facebook share button and the dreaded featured image resize…Also if you are good I shall discuss how to surgically remove via the force of a single php line the horrid gravatar build into wordpress. Adios

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