The Odyssey of self-publishing a game

Board Game Geek Digging Day

Today I dedicated the day in navigating myself in Board Game Geek. BGG is not a portal; it is a complete and autonomous parallel universe, with its own rules, gravity and equilibrium. Unfortunately, it is a really complex place to be, even for experienced users and gamers. But it is THE place to be if you are into the board game industry. If you do not exist in BGG, you do not exist at all. If you want to learn more about BGG, I suggest that you start with this article from Jamey Stegmaier (Well, he has kind of written the “bible” of self – publishing a board game, a definitely MUST – READ, but I will come back to his work later on). I also found this article from Gate Keeper Games really useful and handy, have a look especially if you want tips on how to register and navigate through the forums. After spending a full 8 hours in BGG forum digging, I felt confident enough to register myself with my official profile, (but not to post anything yet).

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