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A descent list of Twitter resources

Today I will share another useful list of recourses; this time Twitter. To make things easier, well, just visit our twitter account (@nadanull_games) and check out the people that we follow. Up to now there are about 540 people of the wider gaming industry; a mixture of all game related things: Game reviewers, magazines, podcasts, publishers, crowdfunding recourses, heavy gamers etc, all updated and active up to now. You may have to dig a bit to find what you are looking for, but we try to keep our list clean and professional, without adding any personal friends and followers. Again I have to say that I tend to exclude heavy RPGs from my researches (not my thing)…Twitter logo

In Addition, check out this topic on BGG,

also this one about gamers to follow,

and this Reddit post.

And of course, try the #boardgames hastag on twitter.

Hope this helped 😉

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