Firstly, you have to face it; your reality does not exist. There is Nothing truly REAL over there. Zero. Zip. Void. Nihil. Nada. Null. What you think as reality is just your perception of reality, the interpretation of sensory information in order to understand your environment. But do not forget – humans are 3 dimensional beings. We live trapped inside our 3 perceived dimensions: height, width and length – ok, make them for if you add time in them… Boring. Modern physics have finally understood how claustrophobic is to live in such a narrow space, so they added a few more dimensions in the existing ones, admitted they have been hiding complete universes from us the whole time and finally accepted String theories, a framework where us, multi – dimensional beings can stretch a little bit, relax and stroll in emptiness for a while.


In nadanull we do not make games. We build artifacts that help multi – dimensional beings interact with hidden, parallel realities. Enjoy.

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